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Skatelab was an indoor/outdoor skatepark and skateshop that has been serving the skateboard community for 21 years.

  • Our skatepark has inspired thousands of skateboarders, BMX, In-line skating, scooters and roller skates through our skatepark design and staff that run it.

  • Skatelab opened in December 1997.

  • Owned by punk rock singer, baseball coach and retired Major League Baseball pitcher, Scott Radinsky.

  • Since then Skatelab has had over 300,000 participants use the skatepark.

  • Skatelab has been featured in every major Skateboarding magazine including several cover photos. It’s often used in Movies, Videos and TV commercials. You never know who you may see at Skatelab as many Celebrities and their Kids are Skatelab regulars! Over the years we have done some of the coolest Celeb Parties as well as Weddings, Concerts, Bachelor Parties, Business Meetings, Bar Mitzvah’s, Record Release Parties, Art Shows, Fund Raisers, Swap Meets, Video Premiere’s and more.

  • The park was originally designed by Team Pain and built by many local volunteer skaters, it’s the first skatepark in America to use Finland Birch on it’s ramps and bowl. Skatelab has constantly improved and has become more and more fun over the years. The Skatelab bowl was one of the few ramps that lasted the whole 21 years in the many course changes we had.

  • It was the first Skateboarding Museum in the world with over 5,000 items on display.

  • Skatelab was a breeding ground for talented young skaters. The many kids that skated in Skatelab skatecamps, Skate Skool and lessons run by Head Instructor Steve Badillo produced some of the best professional skateboarders in the game. Responsible for Labrat pros like: Torey Pudwill, MikeMo Capaldi, Tom Schaar, Alex Midler, T-Funk, Chris “Crusty” Weissmann, Kader Sylla, Matthew Wilcox and more. Other Labrats up and coming like: Kristion Jordan, Gage Boyle, Cy Romano, Julian Depalma, Pat Cannon, Tucker Babchuck, Tyler Hammond and more.

Skatelab is now closed 1997-2019 but looking to relocate in Simi Valley. If interested in a partnership, Skate Skool, or Skatelab boards contact Steve Badillo in a message.

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