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So What’s Up With Skatelab?

Things have been pretty silent on the Skatelab front lately. We know there’s been a bit of mystery around what the future will bring. Many questions still remain unanswered, simply because we don’t have the answers to them. Our efforts to open a new location have seen many ups and downs since the beginning of the year. Nevertheless, our pursuit to keep this dream alive continues…

We wish the news was bigger, better and more exciting at this time. We still feel it necessary to bring those interested up to date on what’s going on lately. We believe our friends, family, customers and community are entitled to some kind of update. Even if it’s not much of an update at all…

It should be known the Skatelab name and anything that may arise in the future with our name is under completely new ownership. This may sound like a big change but rest assured the people involved are the same driving forces that played major roles in upholding the strength and integrity Skatelab was best known for. Many of the same faces you know are still part of the future, only a few are not.

At the end of 2018, we were approached by a property manager that was highly motivated to get us into a new location. With several committed investors, and a couple of today’s top pros backing us, we were on the hinges of something BIG! We had the support from the city, a community Facebook poll in overwhelming support to bring Skatelab to this property, and we even had a new full-scale park design, ready to be assembled by California’s leading Skatepark builders.

After several months of touring the new facility, planning the logistics, and countless verbal agreements with the property manager, we were ready to make this a go! For reasons beyond our control the plug was pulled on us in what was literally the eleventh hour. We’re definitely not interested in pointing fingers as to why this property manager had a sudden change of mind. Although it quickly became evident not everyone in our community was in support of us moving forward. Long story short, we were outspoken by greater influences adverse to our success. It was a tough break to be stripped of what we worked so tirelessly to bring you. We spent a lot of time, energy, and money on a location that turned out to be a dead end and a raw deal.

Since then, our search for a new location continues. We’ve recently looked at several properties in our local area. Each one seemingly ideal on the outside, but riddled with complicated roadblocks and outrageous terms on the inside. After all, we’re a business that needs to sustain itself in order to survive. We simply can’t jump into a location that will inevitably sink us. Our search for a new home continues on a daily basis. We are constantly looking at new options and avenues. There are currently a couple promising possibilities on the table but at this time, it’s still too early to say if any of these will evolve.

Bottom line, we are working hard to bring you the next era of Skatelab. At this point it’s simply a matter of time for the right location to surface. Believe us when we say, we’re investigating every possibility and leaving no stone unturned in this town!

To all our friends, past co-workers, customers, and anyone else who ever set foot inside Skatelab.. we truly appreciate you and your support over the last 21 years. We could not be more thankful for each and every one of you. Without you, we would have never made it this far! Keep your heads up for the future!!

PS: We will soon be announcing a special Skatelab get together and we welcome you to be part of it. This will be a great opportunity to skate and hang with us. Stay tuned for more details to come in the coming weeks.

All the best!




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