Skater of the Month

Sawyer Bourdeaux

Sawyer Bourdeaux Age: 21
Number of years skating: 51
Rides: Shorty's (FLOW)
Favorite section at Skatelab to shred:
Blue Pyramid and Rails
Favorite friends to skate with:
Nicholas Livigini, 2-Chainz, Gabe Granados
Favorite Pro: Reynolds, Trevor Colden

We are pleased to announce our August Skater of the Month. The one and only,  Sawyer Bourdeaux!

Sawyer  is as much of a local as it gets! Rarely does a day or two pass without seeing Sawyer ripping the Lab! His innovative and creative style sets him apart from many others. He’s making a name for himself and recently getting the attention of Shorty’s skateboards. With Shorty’s-flow under his belt we can only sit back and see where he goes next. Keep it up Sawyer. Your one cool cat!Check out Sawyer on instagram @sawyer.bourdeaux


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