Skater of the Month


Number of years skating: 9
Rides: SkateXS Decks, Mob & Mouse, Spitfire, Bronson, Bones Bushings, Tensor
Favorite section at Skatelab to shred:
The Bowl
Favorite friends to skate with:
Ca$h, Jackson Stern, Jack Susak, Big Daddy Badillo
Favorite Pro: Shane O'neil
Favorite Food: Austrailian Meat Pie ...seriously!

We’re kicking off 2016 with Maxwell Ryder. Our January skater of the month! Not only does Maxwell’s pink pads and lime green shoe laces stand out, so does his skating! At just under 10 years old he’s showing the park whoose boss. Airing out of the bowl, boardslides down the rail, flip tricks around the park.. you name it, Maxwell has it down! With only 3 years on the board, he’s progressing quick! It will be interesting to see where the next few years take him.. We like Maxwell and you should too! Check out his instagram page and make sure to say hi when you see him at Skatelab.

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