Skater of the Month

Jackson Stern

Jackson Stern Age: 21
Number of years skating: 14
Rides: Almost Skateboards, Ricta, Nike, Neff
Favorite section at Skatelab to shred:

We are proud to announce Jackson Stern is the March 2015 Skater of the Month! This title comes long overdue as Jackson has been blasting through our bowl and turning heads for years. Not many kids his age possess the power he brings to the coping and beyond. Jackson has such a strong control and consistency to his skateboarding that most can only dream of. I don’t know if you will see much of Jackson on our 8-stair or ledges but he dominates the deepest end of the bowl.. where many street skating kids his age wouldn’t even dare drop in!

We are stoked to see Jackson taking his skateboarding to higher levels as the years pass. He is part of the Skatelab team and he is going places for sure! Keep up the good work Jackson!

Watch Jackson’s latest video HERE

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