Gage Boyle

Gage Boyle

Jackson Stern

It has a been a pleasure watching Jackson go from just learning how to ride a Skateboard to hanging with the big boys in the Combi Bowl. Keep an eye out for Jackson in the future you will be seeing him a lot more. Mostly floating above the coping.

Jackson  Stern

Jackson Stern 2 Jackson Stern 3 Jackson Stern 4 Jackson Stern 5

Brad McClain

BradMClain_BAir_Swift-copy Brad McClain

Nick McLouth

Likes: Metal.

Tom Schaar

Tom is the Bionic Lab Rat and can hold his own with the Vert Pros on any vert ramp not to mention tearing up the Bowl and Street course too.

Check out Tom’s interview with the Guinness Book of World Records

Alex Midler


Alex is going to go far in the World of Skateboarding. His video has over 100,000 views! He even has his own web site at

Check out Alex’s Charity event….

Mike Franklin

Check out Mike’s interview in The Skateboard Mag

MikeMo Capaldi

Likes: I Like Skateboarding…that’s it.

Torey Pudwill

Likes: Skateboarding

Check out this epic bail Torey did at Summer Camp in 1999. It made Thrasher’s Hall of Meat..