Skater of the Month


Nickname: Pattywack ...or something like that.
Number of years skating: 9
Rides: Everything DLX! You know, Spitfire, Real, Thunder.
Favorite section at Skatelab to shred:
Hands down. The blue (green) room pyramid
Favorite friends to skate with:
Gage Boyle, Big dog Tucker B and Andrew Scott
Favorite Pro: Mark Suciu & Corey Kennedy
Favorite Food: Wacdonalds


Our August skater of the month is Patrick O’mara. Straight outta Burbank, we’ve been watching Patrick kill it for years on his weekly visits to Skatelab. It’s pretty eye opening to see a 12 year old with such a rad street style that rivals riders who are well into their 20’s. Patrick is proof that the level of street skateboarding is on the rise and the bar has been raised as the generations pass. I certainly don’t remember kids shredding like this when I was 12. Patrick ain’t your average grom!

Skatelab is stoked to support Patrick’s skating and were hyped Patrick is stoked on Skatelab to make the trek to Simi Valley so often.

You can check out some of Patrick’s footy on instagram or catch him at Skatelab during the week.

Keep killing it P!

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