Skater of the Month


Number of years skating: 14
Rides: Girl, Royal, Rush Bearings, Lakai
Favorite section at Skatelab to shred:
Bank to Flat Bar
Favorite friends to skate with:
Sawyer, Hooda, Gage & Loco Logan
Favorite Pro: Stevie Perez, Elijah Burle, Alaska Jon
Favorite Food: Scooter Wheels


I don’t know if there has been a skater of the month that was this overdue. We’re stoked to crown Nicholas the January skater of the month! Nick has been riding at Skatelab several times a week for the last 8 years. At age 15, he’s got Crailtap, Active and Rush Bearings flowing him the goods! As a Simi Valley local he’s made a name for himself around town, holding it down at the Lab and on the streets. In earlier years we would call Nick the mini Torey Pudwill. Now that he’s getting older, Nick is breaking out of that shell with a real style of his own! Check out some of Nick’s Skatelab skills and some recent footage from the streets. One thing is for sure, Nick rips and is going places.

You can catch Nicholas at Skatelab almost every night.. Come watch him ride, say what’s up or play him s-k-a-t-e!


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