Skater of the Month

Jason Flemming

Jason Flemming Age: 17
Nickname: Jay Jay Flem
Number of years skating: 12
Rides: All the good stuff!
Favorite section at Skatelab to shred:
Bump to Bar in the Big Room
Favorite friends to skate with:
Chan, Sally Tabor, Cienfuegos Bros
Favorite Pro: Crokett, Torey, Luan
Favorite Food: Mexican


Our July Skater of the Month is Jason Flemming! Jason has been inching his way towards SOTM for a long time. He’s put in some good work on the rails & ramps and paid his dues. Look out for this young ripper throwing it down the 8-stair or nailing a new trick on the bump to bar.

Jason has become an overnight local Lab Rat. His first visit to the Lab was just 2 years ago but not many days pass where we won’t see him. Often the first in line and sometimes the very last to leave, Jason is a Skatelab die hard!

Keep up the good work Jason!



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