Skater of the Month


Nickname: Cash Money
Number of years skating: 10
Rides: Arbor Skateboards, Osiris, Riptide. Skater Tape
Favorite section at Skatelab to shred:
Favorite Pro: Brad McClain & Rich Lopez


Our May Skater of the Month goes to the one and only CA$H “MONEY” KENTON! This 11 year old ripper RULES the pools! Cash doesn’t nickel and dime, this kid is always going for the big bucks! We’re stoked to see Cash taking his skateboarding to new levels and bringing his big air to our bowl.

Straight out of Oaji. Cash started skating less than 5 years ago and hasn’t looked back since. With his skills getting sharper by the day, he’s been making some big waves. Cash is no stranger to competition. He’s been been going head to head against the countries best young rippers for years. No doubt, the awesome support from his family and friends drives him to bring home the gold!

Some of Cash’s favorite places to ride include Skatelab, the Vans Combi Pool, Monster DC ramp and his hometown Oaji park. His favorite tricks to hammer out are back 360’s to fakie, frontside nosegrinds and he is on the verge of nailing huge 540’s!

Cash is super cool, super friendly and it’s so rad to see him giving the older transition riders a run for their money! Remember what they say… Cash is King!




Check out CA$H ON INSTAGRAM to see some clips of him laying it down at Skatelab. Follow him today!

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