Skater of the Month

Brett Tomlinson

Brett Tomlinson Age: 16
Nickname: The B Man!
Number of years skating: 11
Rides: Firm on Spitfire, Real & Thunder
Favorite section at Skatelab to shred:
Favorite friends to skate with:
Jason Flemming, Liam T, Chandler
Favorite Pro: Torey Pudwill & Chaz Ortiz
Favorite Food: Sushi

Our September Skater of the Month title goes to Brett Tomlinson. If you’ve visited Skatelab this summer, chances are Brett was here too. This kid is here everyday.. He’ll play you skate, he’ll show you his new tricks and he’ll ask you questions faster than you can answer!! We think Brett is rad, and we’re stoked to say he’s our latest S.O.T.M.

When you see Brett around the Lab, give a high five, buy him a coke pepsi, or ask him what sushi he likes best.

Good job Brett!

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