Skater of the Month

Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott Age: 19
Number of years skating: 10
Rides: Grizzly, Enjoi, SML wheels, Royal, Old Friends Clothing
Favorite section at Skatelab to shred:
Blue (Green) Room Pyramid
Favorite friends to skate with:
Kaaaader, Tucker B, P-Omara
Favorite Pro: Too Many!
Favorite Food: Baskin Robbins


Big ups to our December skater of the month, Andrew Scott! This young gun has been coming to Skatelab for at least 5 years and he’s been on our radar for awhile. At 14 years old Andrew is nailing hardflips down our 8-stair and front crooks on the rail. Kids like this just keep getting better and better! Not only is Andrew getting our attention, he’s also been getting some flow goods straight from Torey Pudwill and Grizzly.. not too many kids can say that! Andrew has a great attitude and a style of what reminds me of a young Alex Midler. Who knows, Andrew could be one of the next kids who comes out of Skatelab to make it to the big time. You know what they say… there’s something in that drinking fountain water! Check out Andrew’s instagram page to see some cool clips

This concludes our 2015 skater of the month awards. Check out all the past skater of the month riders and stay tuned as we will be announcing our skater of the year later this month.

We’re you one of the 12 skaters of the month from 2015? We’re having a special party for you on Sunday December 20th at 7pm. More details to be announced very soon (or just ask Todd or Jesse).

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