Word up to our April skater of the month, Kristion Jordan! This young ripper has been shredding the Lab at least once a week for the last year. We’ve definitely had a close eye on his skating.and we’re stoked to welcome Kristion into our skater of the month club. Keep killin’ it K!


Say hello to our March skater of the month, Josh Smith. This local lurker has been rolling around the lab since 2001. Not too many days go by without seeing Josh skating a sesh, buying a new pair of shoes or trying to jump-start his car in the parking lot. We’re pretty thankful for skaters like Josh who are down for the Lab! He might have a few years on most of our SOTM’s but there’s no question that Josh is the right dude for the title of our March SOTM.

Julian DePalma


Super huge shout out to our our February Skater Of The Month, Julian DePalma. This 11 year old ripper has been leaving his mark at the Lab for over a year. We’re stoked to see Julian making the trip from LA to Simi so he can shred the park and stack some clips. Keep an eye on this dude. He’s coming up!! Follow Julian on instagram.


Say hello to our January Skater Of The Month. Demitry Dupont. This Simi local has been shredding the Lab for the last 15 years!

Bryant Dunkel

Bryant Dunkel closes out 2016 as our December Skater of the Month. This Simi transplant and overnight local can hold it down. This dude is constantly hammering new lines and nailing new tricks. Keep an eye out for Bryant ripping the Lab. He’s always here!


Our November Skater of the Month is awarded to Austin Cowdrey. This achievement comes long overdue as Austin has been a friend of Skatelab for years! His skating is always moving forward.and his skills are starting to shine. He might not be the loudest voice out there but his skating speaks for itself. Keep shredding Austin!!




Huge shout out and happy birthday to our October skater of the month, Stella Reynolds! We first met Stella just 6 months ago and she’s been a familiar face at Skatelab ever since. Not a few days goes by where we don’t see Stella cruising the ramps, learning new tricks and having fun with friends. We’re stoked to see another young rider swept up by the world of skateboarding. Keep it up Stella!




Congratulations to our September skater of the month, Dailynn! Our first girl SOTM but surely not the last. When you see Dailynn around the park make sure to say hi! With only a little over a year on the board she’s certainly came a long way and we’re sure Dailynn has a long road of skateboarding ahead. Keep on rolling Dailynn!  .




Our July SOTM is local ripper Guy Azulay. We’ve only known Guy since last year but this young dude has literally became an overnight local. Guy’s got some great skills and a clean style. It’s pretty rad to see a 14/15 year old throwing hardflips down our 8 stair. Not only does this guys skateboarding speak for itself, he’s also doing some cool stuff off the board. Check out Guy’s fingerboard company. It’s top notch!

At the end of the day, Guy is one cool dude and we’re stoked to call him a Skatelab local.
Keep on rollin’ Guy!