Lauren hasn’t been skating for very long but he’s coming up quick! The dedication and passion to ride is real. This guy has became a Skatelab local literally overnight. Make sure to give Lauren a shout when you see him at the Lab!


Stetson Swink



Gage Seymour is our February Skater of the Month! This skatepark shredder is here just about every day. Gage knocks out tricks in every area of the park. Street, vert, ramps or rails, he’s all over it! Look out for this dude, he’s coming up!!


Big up’s to our January Skater of the Month, Donovan Strain! It’s been a long time coming but hard work and dedication pays off. Donovan has been coming to the Lab longer than most of the local kids have been alive. Some might say this is where he got his start! Truth be told, Donovan used to work at Skatelab many, many years ago. Another truth, the counter top in the shop is now metal because Donovan decided to have an impromptu drum-off on the glass counter. Tip- screw drivers and griptape files are not good drum sticks! Donovan has left a pretty big mark at the park and is sure to go down in Skatelab history. We’ve endured a lot of shenanigans over the last two decades but none quite like Donovan’s. Who would have known what riding a Skateboard would lead to for this Simi local. Did we mention, Donovan will energy drink you under the table any day of the week! We’re honored to have Donovan’s support here at Skatelab and always stoked to see what new and exciting things he’s got going on, on and off the board.

Follow this OG on instagram and for god sake, buy him a Monster energy drink next time you see him!



Say hey to Nicolas Lopez, our December Skater of the Month! Nicolas has been riding at Skatelab for just a couple years but he’s coming up quick! It didn’t take very long for this young ripper to fit right in with the cool kids. Nicolas knows how to skate and he’s got some good “style” going on. We’re stoked to have locals like Nicolas here at the Lab. Make sure to say what’s up when you see Nicolas shredding the park!

Trystan Purugganan

Say hello to our November Skater of the Month, Trystan Purugganan. This little ripper is full of energy and determination. Trystan never skips a beat on the board as he is constantly improving and sharpening his skills. This young rider still has a long way to go and we’re stoked to watch his lever of skating grow. When you see Trystan at the Lab make sure to give him a high-five! Keep having fun out there Trystan!!


We’re happy to welcome longtime Skatelab rider Justin Freeman to the SOTM club. Justin has been skating here since 2002. He started as a young lab rat. Now at 22, he’s back at the Lab and ripping around the park. Look out for this guy charging the bowl or blasting through the street course. Justin skates fast and you don’t want to be in his path when he’s bouncing off the wall. This dude has some pretty big foot plants on lock! Well deserved and a long time coming. Great job Justin!