Mobile Display’s / Exhibits

Skatelab has been involved with creating over 20 amazing Skateboarding Exhibits around the world.  Below are some of our current and past collections, exhibits and art shows on display in the cities listed….

1. Simi Valley  USA  1997
Skatelab Entrance 1960's Skateboards

2. Jacksonville, FL USA  2000 thru 2009
Skatelab Slambulance, Jacksonville, FL

3. Stuttgart, Germany  2003 thru 2012
Stuttgart, GermanyStuttgart, Germany

4. Milan, Italy 2005 Urban Edge Art Show
ue-1 ue-2 ue3

5. Barcelona, Spain  2005 Skateboard Fever Art Showsbf-1sbf-2

6. Amsterdam, Netherlands  2008 Made For Skate / Nike Pop Up Shop
Made for Skate Amsterdam
Made for Skate Amsrerdam 2Made for Skate Amsterdam 3

7. San Diego, CA  2008 San Diego Airport, Commuter Terminal Display



8. Woodward West, CA  2009 to Present
mus1 mus2mus3

Woodward West

9. Simi Valley, CA  2009 Made for Skate Shoe displaymfs1

10. San Diego, CA ASR Trade Show. IASC Booth  2010


11. California Heritage Museum, Santa Monica, CA 2010Santa Monica, CA

12. California Heritage Museum Sacramento, CA 2011
Sacramento Heritage Museum

13. Simi Valley, CA Bones Brigade Exhibit 2012Bones Brigade Exhibit

14. Nike SB display LA, Ca 2013
Nike SB Display 2013

15. 2013 Skateboarding Hall of Fame Awards. Orange, CASkateboarding Hall of Fame Awards 2013. Inductees Display.

16. Everhart Museum, Scranton PA 2013Sidewalk Surfing

17. Discovery Science Center, Ontario Canada 2014 thru 2030
Display iScience Center. Ontario, Canada