The ALL NIGHT LOCK IN returns to Skatelab Saturday May 26th. Get ready for another up all night, action packed event!

The LOCK IN is an all night event at Skatelab from 7pm to 7am. Open to skateboards, scooters and bikes from ages 8 to 18. The excitement never skips a beat with constant contests, games, prizes, product toss and a raffle that everyone wins! Let’s not forget the pizza, nachos, donuts and snacks for all riders throughout the night. Plus, all the Gatorade you can drink! Seriously, all you can drink!! The LOCK IN creates a fun filled up-all-night experience while keeping each rider safe and supervised throughout the night. Bring a sleeping bag and knock out or keep it going ’til dawn! With over a dozen LOCK IN’s in the Skatelab history books, we’re ready to make 2018 the best one yet! Do not miss this one of a kind, once a year event!

– Taking place Memorial Day Weekend (it’s a 3 day weekend!!!)
– Skateboard, Scooter or Bike – For riders ages 8 to 18 ONLY!

– This event is expected to sell out! Sign up now to guarantee entry
– Sign up online, at Skatelab or call our front desk at 805-52-SKATE
– Frequently Asked Questions and more details can be found below



Sign up online, at Skatelab or call 805-52-SKATE
Includes the following
– All night skatepark admission from 7pm to 7am
– Pizza, nachos, donuts, snacks and unlimited Gatorade
– 1 raffle ticket that is guaranteed to win
– Opportunity to win additional prizes from contests, product toss, giveaways etc.
– Opportunity to participate in games and other activities.
– Use of the Filthy Fingerboard Ramp (bring your own fingerboard)
Fully refundable if cancelled at least 48 hours before the event. Nothing will be mailed with this purchase. You will receive an email confirmation within 72 hours of your order. Please be sure to fill in all information (riders name + age & parents name + phone) before clicking “add to cart”. Signing up more than one person? Please sign up each rider individually.



VIP PASS – $100 ***SOLD OUT***

Available exclusively for online purchase.
Includes the following upgrades in addition to everything included with general admission
– Special VIP prize package upon arrival (a $25+ value)
– Front of the line for pizza, nachos, donuts and other giveaways
– Upgraded raffle prizes (better than the regular raffle!)
– Exclusive access into the VIP lounge* Featuring complimentary drinks & snacks, fingerboard ramps, ping pong table, Playstation 3 and a private restroom only for VIP guests.
*VIP lounge will be accessible only during select hours.
VIP passes are very limited – Don’t wait until it’s too late!
Fully refundable if cancelled at least 48 hours before the event. Nothing will be mailed with this purchase. You will receive an email confirmation within 72 hours of your order. Please be sure to fill in all information (riders name + age & parents name + phone) before clicking “add to cart”. Signing up more than one person? Please sign up each rider individually.









Can I sign up and pay on the day of the Lock In?
We highly recommend signing up in advance. The last 3 Lock In’s were sold out before the day of the event. If you are interested in a VIP pass we suggest getting it NOW because they will be the first to sell out! Only If spaces are still available on the day of the Lock In will you be able to sign up but it’s a gamble.

What if I signed up but can not attend?
The Lock In is fully refundable as long as you cancel at least 48 hours before the event. There are absolutely no refunds if you decide to leave early or don’t show up. .

What time should I show up?
Lock in guests can arrive starting at 7pm. You must show up and check in no later than 10pm on May 26th. Skatelab will remain open to the public until 10pm. All non lock in guests (including parents) will be asked to leave starting at 10pm.

What time do I leave/get picked up?
The Lock In ends at 7am. Parents can pick up starting at 6:45am. All riders must be picked up no later than 7:15am on Sunday morning.

What do I need to bring?
You must bring your own skateboard, scooter or bike. Bring your own helmet if you have it, otherwise a rental helmet is included. You can bring extra food, drinks or snacks of your own. You can also bring some cash for the fully stocked drink and snack machines. Bring a sleeping bag, pillow, etc. if you plan to sleep. Skatelab can hold anything you bring behind the counter so it stays safe while you’re out having fun.

What and when will we be eating?
We’ll have pizza delivered shortly after 10pm and we’ll make sure everyone gets more than enough to eat! Nachos around 1am and donuts at 6am. We’ll also be giving out other snacks and candy throughout the night. Gatorade is unlimited all night! It is the responsibility of the parents to make sure kids with food allergies or eating restrictions ensure their child knows what their allowed to eat.

What kind of free stuff do I get and how do I get it?
We strive to get as much merchandise from our event sponsors as possible. A big part of the Lock In is the free giveaways! Our goal is for every kid to go home with something great. You might get a new shirt and a stack of stickers or you might end up with more than you can carry! While our giveaways will be centered around skateboarding brands we’ll still have something for everyone. We have a raffle that everyone will win a prize from. We will be doing contests for all types of riders, random giveaways, scavenger hunts and a full scale product toss. Maybe 2 product tosses! There will be no shortage of goods!!

What kind of contests will there be?
Some contests will be for all riders and some will be for just skateboards or scooters. Contests include, highest ollie, longest powerslide, vert wall sticker slap, thuggin’, 8-stair best trick, game of SKATE, bowl jam, musical chairs, fingerboard contests and much more! You can do as many or as few contests as you wish.

Will the skateboard and scooter shops be open during the Lock In?
Yes. Our shops will be operating during most of the night. Anyone who would like to purchase from the shop will have an opportunity. We will also be able to assist with repairs and assembly for skateboards and scooters.

What if I need to go home early?
We encourage everyone to stay the full night. It’s a rite of passage! If a rider must leave early they can only be picked up by their parents or someone authorized by the parent who signed them up for the Lock In. Parents can call Skatelab during the night to arrange an early pickup or kids can communicate with staff. There are no refunds or credits if a rider leaves early for any reason.

Can parents stay or volunteer?
No. Parents or anyone else will not be allowed to stay past 10pm. Part of the greatness of the Lock In is that there is no Mom or Dad. The only exception will be possible guest pro riders. We appreciate any parents that offer to volunteer at this event but we’ve got it covered! We’ve done over a dozen Lock In’s at Skatelab over the last decade so we’ve got a pretty good handle on things.

Do I have to sleep?
No. You do not have to sleep at any point. We will have activities, contests, giveaways all night. There will always be something to do! We encourage you stay awake the entire night. Those who would like to sleep or rest can use the upstairs balcony area above our skate shop. This area will serve as our sleepers lounge. On average, 1 or 2 out of every 10 kids will actually fall asleep.

How many people can attend the Lock In?
We will allow a maximum of approximately 75 riders into the lock in. The demand has often been higher but this event focuses on a more exclusive level where each guest can be offered the best experience possible. It is common for these events to reach capacity and sell out. Do not wait until it’s too late to sign up.

How many employees will be working?
We will have an average of 6 Skatelab employees on site throughout the night. The main staff on site are highly experienced and have coordinated every lock in for the past decade. Our staff is on high alert to make sure all riders are safe, supervised and having a great time!

Is Skatelab safe at 3 or 4am?
In our experience, 3 in the afternoon and 3 in the morning feel the same when you’re inside Skatelab. The lights will be on and the music will be blasting all night! Nobody will be able to access the main entrance from the outside after 10pm unless there is an emergency. We’ll have a higher than usual amount of staff on site and the surrounding neighborhood is very quiet at all hours. We believe our location and experience is ideal for this event.

What if there is an emergency or injury?
If there an emergency or a parent needs to contact their child they can call our front desk at anytime during the Lock In. 805-52-SKATE. Likewise, any Lock In guest is welcome to call their parents at anytime if need be. In the event of an emergency at the Lock In, we will take proper action. We will contact the phone number provided by the parent who signed up should we need to reach a parent during the event.In the event of a serious injury we may need to call 911 if we are unable to reach a parent. Parents, the last thing we want is for your kid to wake you up at 3am.. but we suggest leaving your ringer on just in case.

What if another guest is bothering me or is causing problems?
Please alert a Skatelab staff member right away so we can help. Before we kick things off we take a moment to gather all riders and explain the importance of looking out for each other. We remind the older kids to take care of the little guys and the type of behavior we expect from everyone. We want everyone to have a great time and we’ll be on a mission to make that happen!

What is a VIP pass and what do VIP guests get?
A VIP pass simply provides an even better experience. Just a fraction of Lock In guests will have this special pass since it is very limited! For just an extra $25 VIP riders get a prize package upon arrival (a $25 value), first in line for pizza, nachos and donuts, upgraded raffle prizes and access to the private VIP lounge. This exclusive area is a safe-haven where VIP guests can grab free sodas, waters and snacks. There is also a PlayStation 3, ping pong table, foosball table, fingerboard skatepark and a private restroom in the lounge. VIP passes are sold exclusively online. Please use the link located at the top of this page.

I already purchased a Lock In pass. Can I upgrade to a VIP pass?
Yes! As long as VIP passes are still available and not sold out. Please email or call 805-52-SKATE to request the upgrade and pay the the additional $25 fee.

Still have questions? Call 805-52-SKATE or email