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LOCK IN 2018 Event Recap

On Saturday May 26th 2018, we were up from dusk till dawn at Skatelab. From 7pm to 7am the doors were locked, the place was packed and the all night Lock In was on! Check out our event recap…


This years one of a kind Lock In truly lived up to it’s claims. 2018 marked our thirteenth Lock In and the fourth straight year this event has sold out! We kept each kid on their toes with a barrage of raffle prizes, contest winnings and a lengthy product toss! Not only was the free merchandise flowing, so was the all you can drink Gatorade. We took down 72 gallons! Not to mention the 240 slices of pizza, Eight dozen donuts and pounds of candy. This year also introduced root beer floats for each rider which was a big hit! There never seemed to be a dull moment with a non-stop flow of contests from best trick to longest powerslide to game of skate to bowl jam.. It just kept going! Less competitive riders also found themselves winning prizes from our raffle and finding hidden goodies around the park. We had what seemed like an endless amount of free giveaways and we left no kid empty handed.

This Lock in brought out a nice mix of riders. From well known locals to those who came from hundreds of miles away. Some riders came from as far as Hawaii and Mexico. We we’re honored! It was great seeing many lock in veterans and just as great to see so many new kids in attendance. Many of which had never even been to Skatelab. We had kids as young as 8 and as old as 16. It was notably the first time that only boys we’re in attendance at a Lock In. Hopefully we’ll see some girls back out there next time. As usual, there seemed to be many mixed feelings among parents about this event. Some couldn’t wait to get their kids out of the house for the night. Other parents had a tough time saying goodbye. No doubt it can be nerve racking to let your kid stay up all night. Once again we kept each rider safe and supervised. Our staff was on a mission to make sure each guest had a great time and we did just that! No escapes, no problems and no injuries. Many kids we’re already asking when the next Lock In would be as they we’re having so much fun on this night. Some kids event went as far to say this was the best night of their life! Pretty amazing, they genuinely meant it.

This years event featured a limited amount VIP passes for riders who wanted to upgrade their already awesome experience. VIP riders were treated to a generous prize package upon arrival and access to the VIP only room. This private haven offered fingerboard ramps, video games and extra drinks & snacks. Even a private mini ramp.

This Lock In brought a game changer this year. Have you ever rode in a pitch black skatepark at 3am illuminated by 1,000 glow sticks? We did it and we can’t even describe how unreal it was. Any photo or video you see does it no justice. You truly had to be there to experience it!  This wasn’t any ordinary glow stick bracelet party. These kids we’re crazy! Who would of known it only takes a few swipes across your griptape to open a glow stick. The ramps, the kids and the staff we’re splattered! It may have not been our intention for it to get so wild but we loved every minute and so did the kids. Don’t worry, these sticks were non-toxic.

Whether you won the game of thuggin, stuffed yourself full of pizza, nachos and donuts, came home with loads of new gear, tried your first grape soda & Red Bull or stayed up the latest you ever have.. it was an experience not to be forgotten.

Thank you to the rest of the Skatelab crew, The Vault and all of our great sponsors for all your efforts in making this event such a success! Most of all, a big thank you to those 80 riders who survived the night. ..and to those who missed the Lock In, you truly missed out!

Until next time.. it might just be sooner than you think…

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