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SHOOT YOUR SKATEBOARD! Free Photo Show at Skatelab January 28th


Shoot Your Skateboard! A Photography Compendium” will showcase the photography of Ray Zimmerman, Chris Hooten, Gale Webb, Dave Barker, Jeff Greenwood, Eddie Hadvina, Shawna Real, Alex Coupet, Ken Hada, Ryan Halub, Garret Naka, Eric Von Arab, Victoria Meireles, Heidi Lemmon, Dan Levy, Olga Aguilar and more TBA. There will be raffle tickets for sale for your chance to win a framed print from one of the photographers in the show, along with many other products and prizes. All proceeds to benefit Make A Wish and The Skateboarding Hall of Fame.

Saturday January 28th 6pm to 10pm. Entry is free!
This event will be taking place inside the Skateboarding Hall Of Fame at Skatelab.
Skatelab will be open for regular business during this event. Come skate 7-10pm and check out the free show while you’re here.

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