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What’s on Tap – The 2016 Skatelab shop archive

Welcome to the Skatelab shop archive. Your one stop guide for all the new  product that comes into our shop! Use this page as a resource for your next board or shoe purchase. Or just browse through the archive for your visual pleasure!

In other words, every time Skatelab gets a new product in the shop it will be posted to this page. Expect many new updates very often. See if you can keep up with us..

December 6th 2016:
All new Skatelab headwear now available. Lots of cool colorways and top quality manufacturing make these hats a steal for just $20. Hurry, less than 20 of each color exist!

HUF apparel right in time for the holidays. Socks, tees, hoods, hats and beanies.

Introducing the all new Plan B X Grizzly series. These new decks feature PB/Grizzly pro riders each as their own Grizzly character.

After a brief hiatus we are excited to welcome Steelo Griptape back into the shop.

November 30th 2016:
ontap_1125_indycolabshop ontap_1125_indy
We are pleased to unleash this exclusive Independent X Skatelab shirt and hat collaboration. Only 12 hats and 48 tees available. Each option features the Indy Accept No Substitutes logo with Skatelab branding. Also got a very large chunk of heavy metal. Every size and many styles/models now in stock.

November 25th 2016:
A solid batch of Welcome decks have returned to the shop. Also a little trickle of tees, rails and wheels.

Decks, decks and more decks from Creature. Do not wait, these planks are quick to move!

ontap_1125_girldecks ontap_1125_girlsoft
We are proud to be supporting these true OG’s and so should you. New wood from the Girl & Chocolate family. Some softgoods in the mix too. Fourstar is making a comeback!

Just a little top off from Powell/Bones. Reds & Swiss, V5 STF’s, Rib Bones, Risers, Bushing and Tees. Come and get it!

Tell your Mom. Tech Decks are here!

November 23rd 2016:
ontap1125_huf ontap1125_dc
New shoe alert! The all new HUF Soto in  oxblood and the Classic Lo in black are here. New DC Evan Smith Hi’s in grey and the all new Plaza in black. Get hyped!

November 15th 2016:
Even more good stuff hitting the shop today. Krooked, Antihero and Real decks. For the first time at Skatelab, Blood Wizard decks. Freshly brewed Skatelab wheels available now.

November 9th 2016:
Busy day in the shop today! Heaps of new stuff from all the Deluxe brands. Spitfire glow capsule featuring glow in the dark F4 wheels, tees, hoodies and sticker packs. Lots of great softgoods as the holiday season draws near.

The wait is over. The latest Grizzly grip is here! All new Eli Reed Blanket, Chris Cole Back to the Future and Gustavo BIG full print. Amazing! New youth tees, wallets, hats and backpacks.

Going back to the 80’s with some classic Vision Skateboards and Hosoi Hammerheads.

Limited edition Jason Lee Prime decks featuring artwork by Mark Gonzales. Dedicated to David Bowie. Available in 3 different sizes and probably sold out by now!

The all new Torey in olive green suede from Diamond Footwear. All sizes now in

November 5th 2016:
Skatelab is proud to introduce Quasi Skateboards into our fold. This is only the beginning of whats to come.

November 3rd 2016:
Grizzly Boo Johnson splatter grip in white. Eli Reed pocket bear tees and Chris Joslin blood splatter tees now available.Grab yours before their gone!

Solid refill of Element decks including the Blood Wizard colabs, MLB Dodgers series and a few others. Element flatbars are back in stock, for now.

LOUD earbuds. Come get a pair for a limited time special price of just just $10. You can’t beat it!

FACT makes it’s arrival into the Skatelab fold. Tees, longsleeves, caps and coaches jackets now available.

Learn from the best. Steve Badillo books restocked. We’ve been selling Steve’s books for over 15 years!

October 27th 2016:ontap_1027_hufcromer
Two new HUF shoes dropping in the shop today. The all new Cromer in blue and a full restock of the Dylan. We also have a very limited supply of Dylan Mob grip sprayed by Rollaway.

DC Trase slip on’s in phantom black. Evan Smith in navy blue suede.They are waiting for you…

Nice restock of Almost decks and a few Enjoi’s just for fun! DGK decks, tees, hoods, stickers, belts and wallets are looking good. Yep, a couple Expedition’s too. All new Gold White Gold wheels and Gold Goons hardware.

Stay safe with the S One Helmet Company and Killer 187 Pads. Full restock of helmets and the highly demanded 187 Pro & Fly knee pads.

October 20th 2016:
Lots of new stuff from the Baker Boys! A fresh stack of decks from Baker & Deathwish, New Deathwish tees, Baker 24K Gold bar wax, Shake Junt grip and Reynolds pro bearings.

October 17th 2016:
The holidays will be here before you know it! The 2016 Powell Peralta ornament collection is here.

October 13th 2016:
A small batch of Emerica hats & beanies are here. Still got a couple copies of Made 2 too!

ontap_1013_powellMore of the good stuff back in stock. Reds bearings, Swiss ceramics, Rib Bones rails, Bones SPF & STF wheels and some Rough Riders.

Skullcandy earbud reload. We’ve got the Jib, Inkd and Smokin’ Buds. $10, $20 & $30.

October 12th 2016:
New kids footwear is on tap! We’ve got a huge restock of DC’s starting at just $30. Youth size 11 to 6 available now! New Etnies Marana’s in black/gum are great for any young ripper.

October 8th 2016:
Introducing the Emerica Indicator in black/white. Either you love it or hate it. Right? At just $54 we think their looking pretty good.

Ever try Synopsis bearings? These abec 7 blue rays also include oil, washers, spacers and axle nuts.

Get your Glassy on at Skatelab. All new shades starting at $14.95 are here.

October 6th 2016:
Damn Deluxe. You’re always killin’ it! New decks from Real, Krooked and AntiHero. Come and get it!

Local legend Steve Badillo just brought us some of his new Santa Monica Airlines decks. Each deck is hand stained by Steve and truly one of a kind. Collect it, have Steve sign it or rip it to pieces. These are some rad planks!

Skatelab showing some more local love to our friends at Sugar Skate Co. These decks are the same great quality as all the top brands but they cost less.

Color grip in the the house!!! Hazard, Checker and solids now available.

October 1st 2016:
Happy October! It’s that time again… fresh footwear is in season. New Reynolds in navy from Emerica. Stay tuned, many more new shoes are right around the corner…

We’ve got more hand sprayed grip from the fine folks at the Moon Cheese Griptape Company. Each piece is one of kind and truly unique.

September 28th 2016:
Sorry we took a few days off but we’re back in the groove. New footwear is flying in the door! Vans slip on’s, Kyle Walker’s in black/white/gum and some ultra cool Sk8 Hi’s in navy. All new Nike Janoski black/white and a Bruin Premium in black/white. These new shoes are solid!

September 21st 2016:
Primitive in the house! New summer/fall 16 graphics are here including the limited edition Transformers series.

Got some new Grizzly goods in the shop. Youth & adult tees, hats, beanies, belts, iphone cases and backpacks.

Skatelab wheels and Industrial trucks. Great for entry level riders who want a quality board or those who just don’t want to pay for the brand names. At just $20 our Skatelab wheels rival any top brand.

September 17th 2016:
Restock of Creature decks, the most evil wood on the planet. Notice the DIY deck.. you shape it yourself! Some new Santa Cruz decks and cruzers. Check out the LTD Star Wars boards. Looking good!

A full box of Independent trucks and a full box of Mob. You can always count on Skatelab to be stocked on both!

More world famous Filthy Fingerboard Ramps available again. Do you need a stripper planter? How about a fingerboard foam pit? Come check it out..

September 14th 2016:
Full reload of Skatelab decks hitting the shop today. Be the first to try our new colorways! Introducing the classic triple skull in toxic cloud and the repeater in blue/green fade. Available in sizes 7.25, 7.5, 7.75, 8.0, 8.25 & 8.50. Remember, each deck purchase includes a free session pass!

Stay safe with an S One Lifer helmet. Fully reinforced inner hard foam provide the best protection for the hardest slams. Youth & adult sizes in stock.

September 13th 2016:
Can you hear the Thunder? Full restock of trucks. 145’s, 147’s, 149’s, 151’s all in stock here at the Lab!

September 8th 2016:
We just got a nice fill in of Real & Krooked decks. Come check out all the new  graphics from skateboarding’s top brands. Don’t blink, these things move fast!

Spitfire bighead wax and assorted embroidered patches. Always in high demand!

A very healthy restock of Spitfire wheels. All new classic and bighead colors. Mike Anderson’s, one-off’s and a solid chunk of Formula Fours.

Plan B & Element making their way back into the shop. Reload of decks. You can never have enough Torey Pudwill decks. Right? New Element kids tees and some PB Sky Cry tees for the older dudes. Element backpacks and a couple Spitfire packs sneaking into the shop too!

September 7th 2016:
Old School Powell decks, classic tees, Bones wheels, bearings and bushings all in stock.

September 4th 2016:
New Nike kids shoes are in stock. and ready to rock! Shoes start in kids 11.

September 3rd 2016:
We are pleased to bring you a restock of all new Welcome decks, tees, hats and orbs. If you see one you like come and get it because these things move fast!

Stock from Dwindle is raining down. Decks from Almost, Cliche & Enjoi. Tensor trucks and Kryptonic wheels.

Another full reload of Pro Tec helmets and pads are now available. Once again, we have every size and every color currently in stock.

August 25th 2016:
Heavy stock from Grizzly just arrived. All new Boo Johnson splatter, oversized stamp, Sheckler and Nick Tucker grip. Restock of the clear, tie dye and OG bear grip. More new tees, socks, hats, wallets and belts too! In case you didn’t know, Skatelab currently offers 24 different types of Grizzly griptape. Holy cow!

August 24th 2016:
All kinds of new gear from HUF. Fresh tees, socks, hats, belts and backpacks are in!

Black decks are here. Premium 100% hard rock maple made in the USA. Sizes 7.5, 7.75, 8.0, 8.25. Only $30!

August 21st 2016:
Moon Cheese Grip returns! After a brief hiatus, MC is available once again. Created by longtime local and ex-Skatelab crew, Roy Canright. Each piece is hand sprayed and truly one of a kind!

August 17th 2016:
New decks from Baker & Deathwish are here! We’ve got all the latest graphics from the new fall release. Hats, backpacks, tees, stickers round it all out. Shake Junt grip & hardware restocked too. Thats CLEAR Shake Junt grip!

August 14th 2016:
Even more decks from Real, Krooked and Antihero, The new Real & Krooked split stain veneers are looking good. New AH roaches series is dope! The madness never ends!

A little Spitfire restock. We’ve got whatever you need! Tons of shapes and sizes. F4’s, street burners, classics, bigheads, 80HD’s. Their all here.

S One Helmets restocked. Looking for a new helmet? Try S One. Skatelab is proud to be an official S One retailer for the last 15 years!

More Glassy Sunhaters in the house.

August 11th 2016:
BOOM! All new Indy blue ano & Reynolds grey hollow trucks now available. Also toppingt5hings off with some Creature tees, Santa Cruz backpacks, Indy hats and stacks of stickers.

More cruzers from Santa Cruz are back in stock. Looking for a longboard or cruzer? Come in and see what we’ve got!

Quite the assortment.. Silver tools, Rush bearings, Industrial trucks, Skatelab wheels and color grip. It’s all good around here!

August 8th 2016:
HUF Classic Lo in the all new red wine burgundy color. Sizes 6 to 12 now available. Their waiting for YOU!

August 6th 2016:
Kicking off the month of August with new goods from Tum Yeto. New Toy Machine decks, tees, socks & wax. More Pig swirl wheels restocked.

More world famous Skatelab mystery boxes now available. These boxes have become a Skatelab staple! Truly #notlikeotherskateparksshops.

Back by popular demand. Filthy Fingerboard Ramps!

July 29th 2016:
Summer time is shoe time at Skatelab. New shoes have been showing up almost every day! Check out the all new Emerica Hsu Low Vulc in navy/gum and the Romero Laced in black/grey. New Nike kids Janoski in black/hyperjade and a FULL RESTOCK of the highly demanded All Court CK.

A little reload of genuine parts from Independent. Tools, bearings and Bushings. We’ve got you covered!

July 28th 2016:
Step aside, Diamond Footwear is here! Introducing the all new Torey Pudwill pro model. Now available at Skatelab in black/white and Diamond blue. Be the first to rock a pair of these bad boys. Sizes 6 to 13.

New Deluxe wood and wheels are following right behind the new Deluxe apparel (see yesterdays post). The all new moonshine Spitfire F4’s are looking pretty sick!! Exclusive glass mason jar included!

July 27th 2016:
Sound the alarm, call the cops, tell your mom! Deluxe softgoods are here!! New tees, socks, hats and more from your favorite brands.. Spitfire, Real, Krooked & Antihero. It’s all here!

July 24th 2016:
Even more new DC Shoes making their way into the shop today. The new Trase in navy/chocolate and Taylor Vulc in black/red. A fresh batch of Penny Skateboards has arrived.. do you have one?

July 21st 2016:
Be the first to snag a pair of new summer shoe releases from DC & HUF. Introducing the all new DC Evan Smith in Burgundy and the Wes K 2 in Black/White. HUF Soto blackout and the highly demanded Brad Cromer Black/White returns to the shop.

July 20th 2016:
New decks from Girl and the return of Chocolate decks to the shop. Sorry to all the Chocolate fans for our temporary lapse. Also got a little batch of socks, a new backpack and even some Fourstar belts and wallets.

It was not very long ago when we did a full ProTec restock. Once again even more ProTec helmets now in stock. We currently have every size and every color but they move quick so act fast! The new full cut blue fade has been turning heads!

July 16th 2016:
Big up’s to Primitive. Lots of new boards in the shop including the LTD BIG’s. Don;t sleep on these dope new decks from the kings of SFV!

July 14th 2016:
New stock from NHS hittin’ hard today! Creature decks, OJ wheels, Indy trucks, Mob grip and more. Also got a bunch of new tees in adult and youth sizes. Back to school is around the corner!

Loads of new Bones goods..Restocked on bearings, wheels, risers, rails, shirts and more. Come and get some!

Nike Janoski little kids shoes now available. Sizes 10 to 3 for all the little rippers. No need to worry about tripping over laces with these velcro straps.


Ah yeah! Introducing our all new Skatelab wheels! This new premium grade urethane rivals the top brands for nearly half the cost. Give the all new conical shape a try. Also got some more all metal Lab tools made by Rush. Available in Blue Hawaiian and Lizard Lime Green..

July 7th 2016:
Glassy Summer sunhaters now available. Come on in and peep it! We’ve got all new shirts, shades and stickers from Glassy.

Rock Creek Fingerboards are back! Hurry up and get one before their gone. These premium fingerboards sell faster than they are made.

July 1st 2016
Today marks the half way point of our 2016 shop archive. We’ve seen a lot of great stuff come into the shop since this page began back in January. For whatever reason or whatever purpose this archive serves for you, we hope you’ve enjoyed it! Here’s to the next 6 months of what’s on tap!

New wood from our top sellers. Real, Krooked and Antihero. The best of the best is here!

Even ,more goods from Deluxe Dist! Our Spitfire wheels and Thunder trucks just got a nice top-off.

June 30th 2016:
Loads of new stuff hitting the shop today closing out the month of June. New decks from Plan B and Element along with a few new backpacks and wallets.

New Vans footwear is coming in hot! The all new Kyle Walker pro model makes it’s debut in plum red alongside the Style 112 in midnight maniac navy and blood red dahlla.

Check it out.. The all new Nike SB Koston Hypervulc and Check Solar. Come try on a new pair today.

June 28th 2016:
The Reynolds Emerica x Indy colab is here. This all new grey color is sure to be a big hit this summer! 

S-One Helmets are back in stock. Full reload on every size and all the best colors.

June 22nd 2016:
Vans Old School Kids in red now in stock! Full reload of Filthy Fingerboard Ramps are here. Go tell your mom!

June 17th 2016:
New HUF socks, tees, hats and a Huffel bag now available at Skatelab! 

All hail to the Baker Boys! Truly one of the best in the biz. Total support to these skateboarding rockstars!! All new lumber from Baker & Deathwish.

June 16th 2016:
Oh yeah! New goods from Dwindle hitting the shop today. New decks from Almost, Enjoi and Cliche. New Tensor Mag Light trucks, Andale bearings and some Enjoi accessories. Come and get it!

Industrial trucks. Great for entry level riders or for those who want to keep their costs down. At just $15 who can complain?

June 13th 2016:
Even more Independent trucks in stock, Santa Cruz Star Wars decks, Bronson bearings and a bunch of other goods from NHS.

June 12th 2016:
A small run of new decks from Real & Krooked and some Mike Anderson Spitfire’s top off our already over the top Deluxe brand selection.

The Skate One gods have rained down! Bones SPF clears, new STF graphics and reissue classics. Bones reds, swiss and swiss ceramic bearings restocked. Hardware, rails, speed cream and stickers. It”s all here!

June 7th 2016:
We just got a full reload of Pro Tec helmets. Complete restock on all sizes and colors. Check out the all new Bucky blue fade full cuts. Lookin’ sharp! 187 Pro Knee are also back in stock. You want the best, you got the best!

May 26th 2016:
Deluxe brands are always on fire! A little top-off of deck from Real, Antihero & Krooked. New trucks from Thunder and a reload of Spitfire big heads, classics and Mandersons! 

May 25th 2016:
Welcome back! New Welcome wood is here. We’ve got a fresh batch of 13 decks, new tees, socks, rails and stickers.

Shorty’s is still going strong. Reload of Black Magic grip erasers, Curb Candy wax and Doh Doh bushings.Skatelab has been selling Shorty’s goods since the very beginning!

May 20th 2016:
Skatelab is proud to introduce the all new and very limited Spitfire X Skatelab F4 wheel. Available exclusively at Skatelab. Come show some local support and rock a set of these killer wheels before they are gone!

May 19th 2016:
A little Plan B Torey Pudwill restock just hit the floor alongside a full batch of Element lumber. Buy any Element deck this Saturday (5/21/16) and Element will turn your old board into a new cruiser. Free trucks, wheels & bearing provided by Element. Daaamn!!!

May 16th 2016:
The new Grizzly summer supply is looking good. We’ve got the all new water color tie dye, Gustavo stamp and the Torey Sub Alpine stamp, just to name a few. Our shop currently offers 24 (yes, 24!) different types of Grizzly Griptape. Come count them all!

Baker & Deathwish are laying it down with this new batch of decks hot off the summer 16 line. Don’t miss out on these!

May 11th 2016:
You wanted the HUF Dylan’s, you got the HUF Dylan’s! All new HUF footwear hitting the shop today. The new Dylan in black/white, Soto in black/gum and the Classic Lo in sage/white.Can you dig it?

Primitive lumber is restocked. These are just some of the latest Primitive decks we have available. Come check out our full selection today!

May 5th 2016:
Here we go again.. new Emerica’s & Indy’s are here! Come try on a new pair of the Figgy, Provost or Hsu. Which ones your favorite?

May 4th 2016:
Deluxe has done it again with this exclusive Spitfire X Skatelab shop colab tee. The arson dept. has arrived! Available ONLY at Skatelab. Sizes S / M / L / XL for a limited time. Come and burn today!

The first of the new softgood summer drop from Spitfire, Krooked & Thunder. Rollin today!

May 1st 2016:
Mystery Boxes are back! A true Skatelab shop staple. These special boxes only come around a few times a year and never last for very long. Hurry up and get one before you miss out on all the fun!

Things are heating up a little early with these two new DC summer shoe releases. Be the first to slip on a new pair of the Taylor vulc in black/gum and the new Trase in black/white/blue.

April 28th 2016:
Fresh batch of Deluxe decks just arrived. It’s that simple! What else needs to be said? You know you want one…

No shop is complete without the all new Reynolds F4’s. Do not sleep on these heavy hitters.

We are proud to give Venture trucks a proper welcome back into the shop. It’s not that we ever stopped selling Venture. We were just out for a few minutes! We’re fully loaded on the all new models from Torey, P-Rod and Joslin. Lookin’ sharp!

April 27th 2016:
We just got a little refill from the Skate One gods! Reds Bearings, Powell & Bones Tees, Powell reissue wheels and Bones wheels. The all new Bones “Clears” are looking good!! New Toy Boarders army men also restocked. 

April 20th 2016:
Make way for new shoes! The all new Ishod Dunk in black/multicolor and the Janowski Slip On in black/white from Nike. Both of these are sure to be a hit! Also a new DVS Merced and Etnies Kids Fader.

Creature restock just arrived. New decks, tees & hats. A little Indy apparel in the mix to top things off. IT’S ALL ON TAP!!!

April 15th 2016:
We just a full restock of 187pads. Pro knee & Fly Knee pads available in XS-XL

April 14th 2016:
Introducing Sunset LED Wheels into the shop. These light up soft wheels are great for hitting the streets at night. As long as the wheels are spinning, the lights keep going. Abec 7 bearings included. Our world famous mystery sticker packs have been fully replenished. 10 GOOD stickers and a pin for $5. Everyone wins!

April 10th 2016:
A little splash of Deluxe goods added to the shop over the weekend. Krooked decks restocked along with a couple new Real & Antihero decks. Refill on Spitfire wheels including the new Ishod & AVE F4’s you’ve all been asking about.

April 7th 2016:
New Shoes from DC’s spring ’16 line have arrived.. Introducing the all new Wes Kremer 2 in black/mustard and the Evan Smith in bleached denim. Very nice!

New decks from Girl & Chocolate. New helmets from S ONE. Come and get it!

April 3rd 2016:
We’re kicking off April with the all new Nike Bruin Hyperfeel and a fresh rack of Penny completes. Purchase any Penny and get a 2nd set of Penny wheels for FREE (while supplies last).

March 30th 2016:
New goods from NHS are in. We are loaded on Independent trucks! Including the all new Reynolds in green, AVE’s in white, Mountain in concrete, Anodized reds and of course, OG silvers. Restock of Bronson G3 bearings and Santa Cruz screaming hand backpacks.

Look out for the heavy load of Toy Machine dropping into the shop today. All new decks from the weirdest of the weird. Also tagging along are Toy Machine bearings, Wax and Pig tools & rails.

New apparel from HUF. More Filthy ramps and a ton of 1-inch buttons. Are you seeing this?!!!

March 26th 2016:
Rock Creek Fingerboards made just for Skatelab are back in stock. Special limited edition SLAB “Baker style” design!

New goods from the Prime Skateboard Factory. Industrial trucks, Rush bearings and Blank wheels. Great for entry level riders or those who want to keep the cost of their setup down. $30 for a set of trucks, $20 for wheels and $10 for bearings. The lowest priced hardgoods in our shop. We’ve also got lots of new colored hardware. Just 50 cents a piece!

March 24th 2016:
Bones wheels restock.. SPF, STF, ATF, got it all! Bones Reds and Bones Swiss Ceramic bearings also making their way back into the shop today. You asked for pink and white rails.. you got it! Rib Bones rails are here.

March 23rd 2016:
New Skatelab hats now in stock for spring. Some new colors and some old ones making their way back into the rotation. Skatelab hats are made with ultra premium fabrics and professionally embroidered. Simply the best quality out there!

A healthy batch of Pro-Tec helmets and pads are here. We’ve got every helmet and pad size in stock. Come get yours today!

March 16th 2016:
Holy cow! A huge load of goods from the Baker Boys making it’s way into our shop today. We’ve got a nice new bunch of spring 16 decks, Check out the 2 doodles series Baker boards.. they were doodled by longtime Lab local, Ryder McLaughlin. Nice to see the young dude coming up!! Nice run of new Riley Hawk tribute tees in royal. Sticker restock from all three heavy hitters. You asked for the new SJ color grip, you got it! Shake Junt color grip now in stock!

We are proud to welcome back Death Lens to the shop. We’ve got all your iphone needs covered. 4, 5, 6, C, S, Plus.. whatever you got, we’ve got a Death Lens for you! Fisheye and wide in stock now.

BOOM! Even more Real and Krooked decks arrived today… What are you waiting for?

March 12th 2016:
Skatelab Big Mouth decks are hot off the press! We are proud to unleash this all new graphic, available in all sizes. Only a limited run of these decks were made.

March 11th 2016:
Daaaamn!! The all new HUF Galaxy in navy/white is looking good! All new Vans spring releases.. The Old School Pro’s in port/white and blackout! We also got the new Style 112 with toe cap. Don’t delay, come get a new pair today!

March 9th 2016:

Hey hey hey… new decks in stock from Almost & Cliché. Also a little reload of Tensor mag-light trucks, Jessup grip, Kryptonics and Shoe Goo. Remember, buy any deck from Skatelab and skate for FREE!

March 6th 2016:
New DC shoes in KIDS sizes dropping today. Lynx in black/grey/red and Pure in black/grey/green. Available in boys 13 to 5.

Check these out! Spitfire and Krooked coin pouches. Too young to remember these in their heyday? Forget about all that loose change in your pockets when you skate. Stash those loose coins with a coin pouch. Only $3 each.

March 3rd 2016:
More Deluxe wood hitting the racks today. New decks from Krooked, Real and Antihero now in stock! New Spitfire wheels including the all new AVE and Ishod F4’s.

It’s raining 187 pads here at the Lab! We’re fully stocked on all sizes in the Pro and Fly knee pads. We also have JR. 6 packs and adult combo packs. Try on a new pair of pads today!

March 2nd 2016:
We’ve been selling this Emerica staple for a long time but we just got a refill on all sizes we were missing, The Romero Laced in black/white is now available in all sizes from 6 to 12. Come and get it!
Skatelab Rush tools and skullcandy buds reloaded today!

February 26th 2016:
Happy Friday! New goods from the Kayo Corp just arrived.. DGK decks, Expedition price point decks for just $40, Gold bearings, fresh sticker stacks and a couple belts & Venture X DGK trucks.

February 25th 2016:ONTAP_225_FLIP
Even MORE new stuff in the shop today! Restock on Primitive decks. Including the all new red foil Paul Rodriguez boards. A couple Lance Mountain Flip’s, OJ Wheels and a little Indy fill in from NHS. Bones Reds & Swiss bearings, rails, speed cream and Rat Bones wheels from our 805 brothers at skate one.

February 24th 2016:
Emerica softgoods are here. New hats, belts and wallets. Mob grip is back in town. We’re fully loaded on the worlds best selling grip!

February 23rd 2016:
All new gear on tap from Deluxe! Spitfire bighead tees and Antihero 3/4 sleeve tees now available. All new Spitfire windbreakers making their way into the shop. All adult sizes in stock ..for now! Fresh batch of hats and socks from Spitfire, Real, Krooked & AH are looking good! Did you know the Antihero socks are flushable?

February 18th 2016:
Just released.. Nike Blazer in black/white with gum sole. An all new colorway for spring. Sizes 6 to 13 available at Skatelab.

ONTAP218_GRIPPBPlan B & Element in the house! A fresh bakers dozen of the latest Plan B decks and a little mix of Element. Whats the bottom picture? It’s gum for your grip! It works like a giant eraser. Clean your grip in a few swipes. Dead and dull grip can be brought back to life with this nifty invention. Plus it will last you, forever!

February 17th 2016:
Pro Tec helmets have returned. The full cut over the ear retro style helmets seem to be a big hit lately. Get with the times and get a full cut! We also just got a refresh of the classic skate and Bucky helmets. Pro Tec pads (not pictured) also got a little refill today. We are sure to have something for everyone

Filthy Fingerboard Ramps (and rails) are back again. These things come and go so quick! Grab yours before their gone.

February 13th 2016:

HUGE new batch of Grizzly making it’s way into the shop this weekend! We are fully loaded on the latest grip including the all new full print tie dye stamp, gold stamp, Brezinski brew stamp and Joslin bear. We have 20 different Grizzly Grip options to choose from! Our sock and shirt selection just got a big boost with all new designs and colors now in stock. Looking for wax? We’ve got you covered! Did you know Skatelab was the first shop to sell Grizzly? Keeping it real since 2001.
ONTAP213_HUFOh yeah bros!! New HUF apparel hittin’ the racks today! Glow in the dark plantlife socks, box logo tees and Thrasher colab long sleeves. Hail to the skategoat!
ontap213_DCThe new Cyril is looking ill. The all new DC Lynx Cyril Jackson is here!

February 11th 2016:

HUF spring footwear is here. The new Cromer in black and Soto in light ash are bangin!! Sizes 6 to 12 available in both models for a limited time.

February 10th 2016:

Big restock on the Skatelab lumber! We’ve got 7.25, 7.5, 7.75, 8.0, 8.25 and 8.5 in the Seafoam Repeater & Galaxy Triple Skull. Check out the doppelganger fingerboards made by Rock Creek just for Skatelab!

February 4th 2016:


Huge restock on all Deluxe wood. New Real, Krooked, Antihero are looking sharp!
A little fill in on Thunder hollow 145’s & 147’s. New Spitfire wheels to top off our selection including all new F4 multi colors. Spitfire wax, tools and Krooked coin pouches.
Nike SB Kids Check in Royal. Sizes 3 to 6 available.

February 3rd 2016:
Happy February.. welcome back to a Welcome deck restock! New Emerica Romero Laced in white suede are looking clean. Sizes 7-12. Don’t miss out on this brand new colorway! 

January 31st 2016:
Rollaway Grip rolling into the shop this weekend. Come and get it!

January 28th 2016:
GROM youth tees for the little rippers now available.

January 27th 2016:
Aahhh yeah!! New Emerica’s hittin’ the shoe wall today. The all new Andrew Reynolds colab with Independent in indigo green and Jerry Hsu in black pattern. Both are sure to be a big hit this spring!  

January 20th 2016:

It just keeps going! Cresture & Santa Cruz Star Wars decks hitting the shelves today. Independent red anodized hollow trucks restocked in sizes 129, 139, 149 & 159.
New Indy tees and hoodies now available. Hoodies in sizes adult small to XL. Tees from youth medium to adult XXL. Independent brand apparel is always quick to move here at the Lab. Grab your new rag before their gone!ONTAP_120_187
187 pads fully restocked today. We’ve got what you’re looking for! Pro Knee available in sizes XS to XL. Fly Knee in sizes S to XL. We’ve also got a bunch of elbow, wrist and elbow/knee combo packs in every size. Stop by Skatelab for your next set of pads. We’ll get you hooked up!

January 16th 2016:
Just in for the weekend.. Rush tools, color grip and Industrial trucks.

January 14th 2016:
Here we go again.. Bones wheels reloaded! We’ve got all your STF, SPF & ATF wheel needs. Sizes 51 to 60. We’ve got you covered! For those crusing the mean streets, check out the Bones Rough Riders. Skatelab approved!
Bones Reds, Super Reds, bushings and hardware back in stock. We would also like to welcome the Bones Swiss Ceramics into the shop for the very first time. Hands down, these are THE BEST bearings on the market!
ONTAP114_GLASSYFinally, not exactly a new item but a new shop display. Say hello to our brand new Glassy Sunhaters countertop box.

January 13th 2016:
Our monthly Deluxe delivery is here! Today’s new additions to the shop include a bakers dozen of Real decks and a freshly brewed batch of Spitfire wheels.. heavy on the Mike Anderson’s! Also a nice fill in on Spitfire windbreakers, wallets, tools, stickers and hoodies. Rounding out this delivery is a new batch of Thunder trucks. Check out the new Cromer lights.. an instant favorite!

Girl & Chocolate decks back in stock! Radical Girl one offs from MikeMo, Malto and Biebel. Plus the Jerry Hsu / Marc Johnson Beavis & Butt-Head Chocolate duo one offs. Girl socks, rails & 5-Panels also now available.

January 11th 2016:
We’re kicking off this Monday morning with a new load of Independent trucks and Filthy Fingerboard Ramps. We’re stocked on all indy sizes. From 109’s to 215’s, we’ve got you covered! It’s no wonder why Independent remains the most demanded and best selling truck of all time. We are also very happy to be supporting long time Skatelab local Ethan Park and his fingerboard ramp biz. Ethan and his family have been supporting Skatelab for a decade and it’s great to be able to throw the support right back at them!

January 8th 2016:
We just loaded up on a little batch of Santa Cruz x Star Wars decks along with several Santa Cruzers. Independent and Bronson bearings are back in stock along with screaming hand wax and SC rails.

Tech Decks and 1-inch round button reload! Be sure to check out our awesome button selection on your next visit to Skatelab. Only a buck a piece.

January 7th 2016:
Just in from DC.. the all new Trase “T-FUNK” shoe and Evan Smith pro model. We are especially proud to have this special Trase T-Funk (Tristan Funkhouser) colorway in the shop. Both models available in limited quantity. Sizes 6 to 12.

A little Shorty’s & Skullcandy fill in just hit the floor!

January 5th 2016:
Primitive decks are back in stock! Sizes 7.6 to 8.5. Buy any deck from us, skate free!

January 2nd 2016:
ONTAP_JAN2_NIKEishodOur first new arrival of 2016 is hot off the delivery truck. Introducing the all new Ishod Wair Nike Dunk Low Pro. Available at Skatelab in sizes 6-13. Don’t delay.. these will be quick to move!

All products shown on this page are only available for in-store purchase at Skatelab. Any Item shown in this archive may be unavailable once out of stock at Skatelab. If you have questions regarding current availability please call us 805-52-SKATE

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