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Recap of Plan B TRUE Video Premiere 11.23.2014

Every so often we come across a new skateboard video that raises the bar, a video that defies boundaries and sets a new standard. Plan B is bringing skateboarding to a new level with their 2014 release of TRUE. This video is no rehash, these guys are reinventing. The energy is raw and the streets are real as each rider lays down their very best!

Sunday nights world premiere of TRUE was a sold out crowd of friends, family and rabid fans. All the current Plan B team along with many former PB riders were in attendance. Pro skaters, up and coming ams, team managers and company owners were arriving in droves. Each knowing this video premiere was not to be missed!

The latest addition to Plan B roster, Chris Joslin had a stellar opening part. Officially joining the PB team on the night of the premiere. This guy is proving himself to be among the ranks of the big names! Torey, our hometown heavy hitter hammered out the final part. Nailing what seemed to be an ender-after-ender sequence. Torey’s skating was truly insane, to say the least! No doubt, Torey is our vote for Thrasher’s Skater of the Year!

Go get your copy of the new Plan B DVD starting December 2nd! Available at Skatelab.



Lots of photos from the premiere can be found on the Thrasher Website and the Transworld Website

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