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Field Trip: Morro Bay / Skatelab Skateboard Museum

On Thursday I stopped by for another visit to the Morro Bay Skateboard Museum. The Owner and Curator Jack Smith took the time to come in before hours and open it up for us to check out. This is my first visit to the new space but I have been up 4 or 5 times to check it out as it is changing and growing everyday. It is really cool. Jack has put together a really nice display and has several very unique and rare pieces of Skateboarding History on display. Inside the Museum he also has a really nice store that specializes in cruisers, downhill and longboards but he has short boards too including Skatelab decks! He has done nice job telling the story of Skateboarding in a free Museum that is open everyday and right on the ocean!
After we hung out and “talked shop” Jack took us down the street to his favorite breakfast spot where we had a great local meal before hitting Hwy 1 to head back to Skatelab. If you are ever driving up the coast the Morro Bay Skateboard Museum is a must stop. Check out and like their Facebook Page too.

Tell Jack that Skatelab sent ya!

Morro Bay Skateboard Museum

Morro Bay Skateboard Museum

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