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This April – Get a FREE Week Pass if You’ve Been Riding Here 10+ Years

Have you been riding at Skatelab for 10 or more years? We have not forgotten you! During the month of April, roll in for a FREE UNLIMITED 1 WEEK PASS if your first visit was during or before the year 2004. Maybe your still a local or it’s been years since your last session. Get back on the board and pay us a visit this April.

How it works… Visit Skatelab anytime between April 1st and 30th. We’ll verify the year of your first visit. If you’ve been riding here since 2004 or earlier you will receive a FREE unlimited 1 week session pass valid for 7 straight days of riding. No catch, just a rad offer to our old friends! Limit of 1 promotion to each individual. Non transferable. Valid 7 consecutive days from date of redemption.

Doing it right since 1997!   #NOTLIKEOTHERSKATEPARKS


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