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Rare Vintage 1970’s Skatecars

For those who may not know what a Skatecar from the 70’s is check this video…

The Skatelab Museum is home to several rare 1970’s Skatecars including this 1977 Turner Skate Car driven by Tommy Ryan at Signal Hill.


This is it now…

Turner Car

And this one of a kind Ick Sticks “From The Heart of the Badlands” car driven by Harvey Hawks. This pic was from Skateboarder Mag Sept. 1978

Ick Sticks

and here is the Ick Sticks car today…

Ick Sticks

Be sure to wander upstairs in the Museum and you will also see the Guinness Book of World Record Holder for fastest non motor powered human in 1976 the WHITE LIGHTNING Skatecar which used a parachute to slow down and was driven by none other than Henry Hester aka BAD H!

White Lightning

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